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Are you interested in obtaining your graduate degree in social work?  Read on to learn more about the Title IV-E stipend program!


What is the Title IV-E stipend program?

The Title IV-E program is a great program for CPS caseworkers who enjoy working at CPS and want to enhance their casework skills through the completion of a fully accredited MSW program offered online through Texas State University. 


How does it work?

·         If you qualify and are accepted into the program, you will continue working in your current CPS caseworker position full-time, while attending the online MSW program at Texas State University part-time.  This program is 100% online, so you will not be required to come to the campus at all. 

·         If accepted to the program, the Title IV-E stipend will cover your tuition and fees for each semester you are enrolled at Texas State, and you will not incur any student loans.  Upon graduation with your MSW degree, you are under contract to continue working for CPS in a Title IV-E eligible position for a comparable length of time that you received financial assistance (four months for every semester you received the stipend).

What are the entrance requirements for the MSW Program at Texas State University?

·         You can have a BA or BS in any field, but you must have at least a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of college work.


·         The GRE is not required. You may submit your GRE score to the Graduate College, however, if you believe it will enhance your application.

·         If you already have a BSW, please contact us for additional information.  You may be eligible for the Advanced Standing Program and that program has different admission times and guidelines.


What is the application process to the MSW program?

·         The application process is entirely online, and you can find information about the process at MSW Admissions  


Who is eligible to receive the Title IV-E stipend?

·         CPS employees  must be employed by the agency for at least a year and currently be in a Title IV-E eligible position (includes CVS, FAD, PAL, Kinship, CPU, FGDM, Local Permanency Specialist, PAL, RTC Coordinator, Youth, Disability, and Education Specialists) to be eligible for the stipend program

·         The employee must first be accepted to the MSW program at Texas State University, and then apply with CPS to receive the stipend

·         CPS will require a completed application packet, Supervisor, PD, and PA Approval, and may require an interview.

·         While Texas State makes the decision about who is accepted to participate in the MSW program, the agency (DFPS) makes the final decision about who is approved to receive the stipend.

·         Employees who are accepted and approved sign a contract with DFPS.


I want to learn more! 

To learn more about the program, please contact Martha Wildberger, Title IV-E Grant Director, at 512-834-3217 or